Experimental Mask Theatre Workshop

with Sean Breault

Come join us for a four week Experimental Mask Theatre Workshop at the Ritz Theater in Newburgh, New York. The class will meet one day a week for four weeks.

Dates for this workshop are TBD

  • Please email if interested and I will get you on the list.

  • Suggested age for this workshop is 13 on up. If you are younger but interested please feel free to sign up.

The Workshop

During the workshop we will explore what Mask is, how we can use it to understand new ideas and create character using various masks. There is no experience necessary for this workshop.

Learn how to bring a mask to life through movement, posture, sound and to develop the personality of the mask. The workshop includes special mask-theater exercises, guided play, and a chance to perform to the group. Masks will be provided.

These sessions involve theatre and movement exercises, character development, improvisations with masks, and the creation of short sketches.


Example of Various Types of Masks

Example of Various Types of Masks


  • Provide an opportunity for participants to experience first-hand the power of transformation through mask work.

  • Foster awareness of the importance of movement, posture, and gesture on stage and in life.

  • Facilitate improved self-image and self-expression.

  • Improve strength, flexibility, and focus.

  • Create a core group of people who enjoy working with each other and continue to create new work.

A few other things we will talk about and explore

  • What is Mask work and Mask Theatre?

  • Finding a creative outlet or a new creative outlet for established creatives.

  • Learn about  different styles of Masks

  • Explore improvisation techniques using Masks, simple sounds and gestures.

  • Explore movement and physicality using Mask bringing your character to life

  • Exercise your observational skills to help guide yourself and others.

  • Explore and create characters.

  • Interact with other Characters to help create story

  • Learn about relaxation as well as physical and vocal preparation

  • Explore how to put the human body into space and its metamorphosis

  • Increase confidence using mask and passing these skills on to others

Sean has been a theater professional for over 25 years.  He trained as an actor at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts as well as Circle in the Square Theatre School in New York, City.  He studied Mask and Physical Theater with Moni (https://www.juilliard.edu/drama/faculty/yakim-moni) and Mina Yakim (http://primarystagesoffcenter.org/interviews/u-z/moni-yakim-and-mina-yakin) , Jonah Emsig and B.H. Barry https://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2017/03/12/realestate/what-i-love-bh-barry/s/12WHATILOVE-BARRY-slide-5C36.html from Circle in the Square and The Julliard School in New York, NY. Sean has worked on numerous Broadway shows as a technician and is also a Set Designer and Builder whose work has been seen in New York City as well as in Independent Films and Theaters in the Hudson Valley area.


Here are some inspirational links that can help you get a sense of what Mask Theatre is and what it can be. 

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If interested and would like some more information contact Sean Breault at spbreault@gmail.com